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Tinytoys - OUR STORY

Company founded in 1968 by the founder Fattinger Federico Riva del Garda (Tn). It has developed its business with the jewelery market in Italy, then turned to the European and world market.

The jewelery production at the end of the season, creating stocks, was recycled and sold to confectionery companies who then used with their products and mainly the Easter eggs. Among some of these companies it was also Ferrero.

In 1970 ..

In 1970, Michele Ferrero was the idea of a continuous product throughout the year, and summoned three companies including ours to expose this idea. It was created a container, capsule-shaped, suitable to be brought into contact with food, and here was born the famous Ferrero egg to 20gr. containing the surprise inserted into the yellow capsule . One of the first suppliers of the capsule with surprise, to the company Ferrero, was our company.

Later the same production was also adopted by other companies and the production of these games is expanded to an increasing market. In 1980 the collaboration with Ferrero ended as it took over a claim by their exclusivity supplier.


... it involved in producing small games, to be introduced in the capsule or in a polybag , for requests that we have in Europe and beyond.

Our strength and 'to conceive and carry a plastic container for surprises intended for chocolate eggs 20 grams, it was suitable for contact with food and had all the safety requirements of the new European regulations: 2009 / 48 / EC.

The container, called a "one-piece capsule ", has been patented and registered with the relevant authorities.

On that produced the Tiny Toys has a right to exclusivity.



The business was renamed Tiny Toys Srl.

The operational business of Tiny Toys Srl continued to practice law in the Slovak Republic while in Italy we have only sales office in Riva del Garda (TN) - Viale Pilati 2.

We continued our cooperation with a company in Slovakia that performs all operational aspects of production, packaging, warehousing and logistics.



For the production of our packaging we created a department, with arrangements and certifications, by processing internally controlled manually, by means of selected personnel.

The goods which is to be machined, is packed according to the requests, in capsule or polybag; Then from the Myjava warehouse will deliver the goods directly.



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