About us

The Italian seat

The  company  TINY TOYS, has official seat in Riva del Garda (Trento), for over 40 years dealing with the production and distribution of promotional items, both in Italy and abroad.

Mission & Vision

The surprises can be put in the capsule “one-piece” or in the polibag. We want to remember always that the Tiny toys’s target is to satisfy all the possible requests of the customers. For make this, the production is continuously in evolution, modified  and integrate, and we add the hand-painted that we produce abroad with our molds.


Today, its peculiarities 'and' to conceive and carry a plastic container for surprises intended for chocolate eggs 20 grams, it was suitable for contact with food and had all the safety requirements of the new European legislation : 2009/48 / EC. The container, called a "one-piece capsule ", has been patented and registered with the relevant authorities. On that produced the Tiny Toys has a right to exclusivity.


All of our items, if necessary, can be packed in a heat-sealed envelope with the following dimensions: 10 cm x 7 cm.
In our store there is always the available  a  substantial number of surprises ready for use.
All our products comply with the new European standards and certified by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety (Î.I. S.G.) of Milan.
The certificates can be viewed by customers, on our site, whenever they deem it necessary.


From Italy with passion
and professionally


Attention at the origin
of the raw material


We are always searching ...
an article that can activate
our phantasy


We want that the customer
will be always satisfied!

Team Member

Sonia Benazzolli
Sonia BenazzolliUfficio Commercialesonia@tinytoys.it
Daniela Parolari
Daniela ParolariAmministrazionedaniela@tinytoys.it
Marco Fattinger
Marco FattingerTitolaremarco@tinytoys.it


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